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What we stand for

Human beings have always been attracted by warmth and firelight, making them feel cozy and protected; it's a source of relaxation and inspiration. At the same time heating with wood is also a modern solution: it is efficient and environmentally friendly, sustainable and climate-neutral, economically viable and ecologically responsible - a good feeling overall.

ORANIER has set itself the task of producing consistently high-quality technological products and of developing innovative solutions to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. All our appliances are characterized by an optimized combustion technology which fully complies with the latest requirements of pollution control and legal regulations. Furthermore, we combine efficiency and usability with modern, functional design.

ORANIER offers a wide range of colors and materials for each wood stove model. Classic steel or noble natural stones provide your stove unique, high-quality. Elegant ceramic or ultra-modern concrete fulfil every wish.

Committed to our tradition!